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2010 Favourites

2010 Favourites


So many wonderful things happened in 2010, my son graduated High School, I met the love of my life, met some of my favourite bloggers in Los Angeles, was photographed for Essence Magazine, wore the most amazing Gary Yang clothing for both Fashion Week in Australia and New York,  got to hang not once but twice with my LA family, moved in and made a home with my beloved, got a great new camera and sooo much more.

I’m looking forward to all the great things that will happen in 2011.

I’m Neutral

A couple of  months ago I shopped from the fantastic Inny Vinny’s shopping site.   From the minute they arrived I’ve been dying to wear all of these pieces.  The weather has been up and down and I haven’t been in the mood to wear deal with sandals in the rain.  Well the weather has broken and I raced at the chance to wear my new clogs.

I know I’m a little late to jump on the clogs band wagon but these ones are so very Miu Miu that I had to have them.  And everyone loves a good cape.  Can’t wait to rock these items on the other side of the pond.  Will be in the states soon, get in touch if you want to catch up.

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Thanks Ms Inny Vinny for making my day.


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