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Shane Show – Ying & Yang

Dress pants, jeans,…  collared shirt, tee,… dress shoes, sneakers,…  what to wear for what occasion?  We’ve all been there at some point.

As the ‘Yang’ of Lenya, (‘Ying’) I recently found myself attending two red carpet premieres in one week with only one outfit for both.  Previously I may have simply said, “So be it.” but I was soon to realize why sometimes new is in fact quite important.  For the first premiere I wore black pants with a white AG dress shirt and silver, yes silver blazer/sport jacket. Everything went as expected and all in all we had a great evening out.  However, when the second premiere came round only a few days later I knew I could not possibly wear the same outfit and risk photographers getting the same snap only a few days apart.

Here in lies the talent and foresight of Lenya. On a previous day of shopping Lenya had me step out of my comfort zone and try on an AG black velvet smoking jacket and rather funky Master Slave dress shirt. Needless to say, they both made it to my closet along with a ‘safer’ grey AG jacket with black piping.

I now found myself walking the carpet hand in hand, ying and yang, wearing my velvet smoking jacket, Master Slave shirt and simple black pants and shoes.  As we approached the cameras the main cast were having group shots and to my disbelief I saw that one of the lead actors was wearing the exact same ‘safer’ option jacket I had bought.  A breath of relief passed my lips as I now understood that not only did I have to wear something new but also have that foresight to wear something that both looks great and no one else would likely be wearing.

With a knowing smile on our faces and not a word spoken, Lenya and I strolled through for a glass of champagne and relaxed into another wonderful evening all thanks Lenya’s styling prowess and talent.

Lenya Jones - Fashion Stylist

Shane wearing Arthur Galan Blazer, Master Slave shirt, GStar jeans, Florsheim shoes, (Lenya wearing Carl Kapp dress, Louboutin shoes, LV handbag,)

Fashion Stylist - Lenya Jones

My Safe Option - AG Jacket (Lenya wearing Gary Yang Collections dress)

Denis Akdeniz photo - Tomorrow when the War Began

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